Furniture House, 2016

Marbella, Spain

Academic. Four months.
Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Vallès.
Construction Systems: Raimon Farre, Claudi Aguiló, Lluís Parramon.
Team: Nara Bataller, Adrià de Luna, Marc Laudo, Carlos Jiménez

The project consists of changing the construction system of a house built by a world-renowned architect, in this case Shigeru Ban and the Furniture House.

The original house is built using a light wooden framework as a construction system and is located in Japan. The proposal presented replaces the wooden structure with a wall system composed of thermo clay blocks and the project is located in the warm climate of Marbella.

The project takes into consideration the structure of the house, the design of the facilities, the different construction systems used and the sustainable climate design in the new climate.

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