Casa en Aigufreda

Upside down, 2021 

Castellbell i el Vilar, Spain

Rehabilitation of energy, accessibility, and improvement of the habitability and health of the worker's housing building in the old Colonia Borràs.

Casa en Aigufreda

Portfolio, 2019

Portfolio in architecture

This is the first academic portfolio, which expresses my knowledge and evolution as an architecture student, with the presentation of some of the projects which represent my way of projecting and thinking about architecture.

Casa en Aigufreda

Maple & Elm, 2019  

Carpentry project

Piece of furniture designed for the House in Aiguafreda and built in wood in the Woodshop of the University of Illinois.

Casa en Aigufreda

Aiguafreda House, 2019 

Aiguafreda, Spain

A two-story single-family home is projected in Aiguafreda as a second personal residence.


Museo de la Memoria de Bogotá [MoMoB], 2018

Bogotá, Colombia

The Bogotá Memory Museum is conceived as a cultural center that will host exhibits that tell the story of human migration with emphasis on recent narratives of forced migration.

Estratos de Colombia

Estratos de Colombia, 2018

Urbana, Illinois, United States

Piece created for the exhibition "Endless Journey" that deals with forced migration. The model is the centerpiece of the exhibition that deals with forced migration within Colombia.

Salvem Collserola

Salvem Collserola, 2018

Sant Cugat, Spain

The construction of a sheep corral is proposed to serve as active fire prevention equipment for Collserola following recent fires in other large natural parks.

Cal Ricard

Cal Ricard, 2018

Rubí, Spain

The project consists of the creation of an accessible route made of ramps along the garden to access the two floors of the house, generating a new garden for the house.


Confluences, 2017

Barcelona, Spain

Confluencies is conceived as a reference within the scope of co-housing. The project seeks both to host Coop de Falç cooperative, as well as the predecessors of the plot such as the Cintra school, the municipal sports courts, as well as recovering the foreign market that previously existed.

Análisis del color en la arquitectura

Color analysis in architecture, 2017 

Architecture essay [in spanish]

The subject of study in this essay is the color in architecture and decoration.

The text shows these spatial qualities of architecture from a concrete example: the sanatorium of tuberculous in Paimio made by Alvar Aalto.

Furniture House

Furniture House, 2016   

Marbella, Spain

The project consists in changing the construction system of a house built by a world-renowned architect, in this case Shigeru Ban and the Furniture House.